Lawn Solutions can provide a complete lawn care program that include:


Fertilization Programs - Lawn Solutions uses only the highest quality slow release nitrogen fertilizer.  This reduces an initial surge of growth following application and provides a gradual and long lasting feed to the turf.  Lawn Solutions only uses Phosphorus-Free fertilizer.  This eliminates harmful run-off of phosphorus that could end up in our lakes and streams.



Weed Control - Lawn Solutions controls some of the most common weeds such as dandelions, clover and thistle.



Insect Control - Inspection and diagnosis of insects services provided.  Preventative and curative programs available.


This is an example of a lawn that is under an insect program (on the left) next to a lawn that has not been treated.

Turf Disease Control - Turf fungi such as Rust and Dollar Spot for example are diagnosed and treatment programs available.


aeratinglawnsLawn Aeration - There are many benefits of aerations.  Some include: increase air, water and nutrient movement to the root zone.  It will also intensify decomposition of thatch and improve drainage.  But most importantly it will help relieve soil compaction and increase the effectiveness of your fertilizer program.








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