Lawn Solution's 5 Step Program

Step 1:  Spring(April) - Granular Application - Treatment of fertilizer and pre-emergent herbicide combination that provides essential nutrients for a quick green up, recovery of winter damage and preparing your lawn for the tough summer months.  Equally important, the pre-emergent provides prevention of annual grasses including crabgrass.


Services_pageStep 2:  Early Summer(May) - Liquid Application - Treatment of fertilizer and broadleaf weed control.  A fertilizer feed will enhance the turf color.  Broadleaf weeds such as dandelions and clover will be taken care of here.


Step 3:  Summer(June-July) - Granular Application - Slow release fertilizer to maintain good turf color and plant vigor.  I will also scout for possible insect and disease problems.


Step 4:  Late Summer(September) - Liquid Application - Treatment of fertilizer and weed control.  This feed will enhance turf color  and this fall treatment of broadleaf weeds will get rid of the weeds that have germinated during the summer months.


Step 5:  Fall(October) - Granular Application - Fertilizer to promote root growth and good plant health for winter hardiness.  Grass plants do their majority of root growth in fall when soil temperatures are warm and air temperatures are cooler, thus making this step the most important for a healthy lawn this fall and next year.


Additional applications if needed:

Optional Substitute Step 3:  Summer with insecticide(June) - Granular or Liquid Application - Slow release of fertilizer to maintain good turf color and plant vigor.  Plus an added insecticide to suppress surface feeding insects such as sod webworm and chinchbugs that like to feed during the hot and dry summer months.

Grub/Root Feeder Insect Control:  If you or your neighbors have had a history of grub feedings, you may want to consider this added treatment.  One application will provide season long lasting control of grubs and other subsurface insects.  Please call for a quote.


The most common program taken is the full 5 Step Program.  If you don't want all five steps or if your budget doesn't allow it, you may choose as many steps as you would like.  Example:  A 4 Step program will consist of Steps #1, 2, 4, & 5.  Please contact me to discuss these alternatives.  Note:  Taking less applications may not get the good results in turf color and weed control as the full 5 Step program will.


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